BHP Billiton Iron Ore Road

Dash 7 Siding

Dash 8 siding AC 6000 siding SD40 siding SD70ACe siding
BHP Iron Ore used to run a fleet of eight CM36-7 or Dash 7 locomotives rebuilt from Alco 636 units that ended up being confined to the former Goldsworthy line running from the Finucane Island unloader to the mines at both Yarrie and Nimingarra.

Of note are locos 5510, having had Dash 8 radiators fitted following collision damage in 1993 and 5511, being the first unit withdrawn following an engine failure in 1998.

The reminder of units were withdrawn from service altogether in 1999 once eight new AC6000 units had entered service.
The names off the Dash 7 locos were then fitted to the AC6000 locos.

Locomotives 5507 and 5508 where rebuilt in 2003 by United Goninan at Bassendean (Perth WA) for use by Pilbara Rail at their Dampier Seven Mile operations as shunt engines and received the road numbers 5051 and 5052 along with the striking Pilbara Rail paint scheme.
To see the Dash 7 loco details on Locopage click CM36-7M Class.

Dash 7 Scrapping
Images of 5509 and 5508 being stripped to allow road haulage to Perth. The fuel tanks, ploughs and engine hoods are removed outside. They are then towed into the Overhaul Shop where the engine and bogies are removed and the lifeless shell placed on a heavy haul trailer. The bogies and prime mover are placed on a road train trailer each and follow their body to Perth. When the photos where taken 5507 was being lifted onto a trailer. Now 5509 has followed. The units appear to be leaving at about one per week.
Dash 7 scrapping Dash 7 scrapping Dash 7 scrapping thumb

Photos of Dash 7 locos working their last few months and then stored at the Flashbutt yard.
The line up of the units from the southern end was 5508, 5509, 5507, 5513, 5511, 5512, 5510, 5506 and orange Alco 636 5499.

Loco 5513 cab side 5513 head on at Hardie 5507 into Goldsworthy siding 5513 - 5507 cross

Photos of Dash 8's taking over from the Dash 7's.
5513 waiting at Hardie 5669 takes the siding 5513 powering out of Hardie

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