1002 curves into Lorin Point.
Weipa, 1984
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My family lived in Weipa for 5 years (1979-1984). We lived right on Main Beach with a unterrupted view of the Mission River. The good news was that there was a railway to keep my interest alive in that remote part of Queensland.

While this is not the definitive article on the Weipa Railway, and certainly it is not current, going only up to 1984

Material copyright 1984 David Head. Please, ask before using. View them all you like..

A partial map of the Weipa Peninsular, 1984.
1002 at the fuel point at Lorin Point.
At Lorim Point we see 1002 in the forground,
& 1003 in the background.
1002 at the fuel point at Lorin Point, a side view.
1003 at Lorin Point, with one of those special air compressor equiped ore wagons.
In front of 1002 at Lorin Point.
Inside the cab 1002 inside the workshops at Lorin Point.
A sketch of Lorin Point.
Top view of a ore wagon.
The Track Maintenance compound at Lorin Point.
The weather is rainy, wet, but a quick view of some of the track machines.
Some facts on the railway - as of 1984.
The Unloading station at Lorin Point, a general view.
The automatic ore wagon movers, Lorin Point.
The unloading station, alot closer.
Those zoom lens help getting you near the actrion - a view through the "tunnel"/overpass. There is a train on it's way to Andoom comming at us now.
Looking from the overpass back to the unloading station at Lorin Point.
The bridge across Mission River.
Andoom is to the left, and Lorin Point is to the right.
1001 on Mission River bridge.
At the mineing frontline: A haulpack is loaded with bauxite.
The Haulpacks are big "semi trailers", and like the railway ore wagons, are bottom discharge.
A sketch of Andoom, 1984 at the time the new haulpack unloader to the right was under construction, with rear dumpers still in use at Andoom.
The train has dropped the empty set behind us and has reversed the loaded set ready to run around and head back to Lorin Point.
The original loader at Andoom.
The loader at Andoom, 1984, the original sort of "grew".
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