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090121 0936618 viewsNelson Point, comparison view of the radiator sections between Electro-Motive built SD70ACe/LC (low clearance) unit 4309 'Gidgi' serial 20038540-010 on the left and standard Electro-Motive built SD70ACe (ex-BNSF) unit 4333 serial 20066862-062 on the right. 21st January 2009.
090121 0986r697 viewsBoodarie Workshop BHP Billiton EMD built SD70ACe/LC (first order) 4302 'Mooka' serial 20038540-002 and built by Electro-Motive in London Ontario watches on with Goninan GE rebuild CM40-8M 5656 as units from the forth order of SD70ACe/LC units get commissioned by EDI personal. Units in view are (L to R) 4337, 4338, 4335, 4340, 4346 and 4339 21st January 2009.
090121 1549r663 viewsBoodarie, departing the Herb Elliot car dumper balloon are FMG General Electric built Dash 9-44CW units 013 serial 58190 and 006 serial 58183 with 204 empty waggons bound for the passing track at Rowley Yard to cut out and add waggons. 21st January 2009.
090122 1804r895 viewsWedgefield, Asset Kinetics yard, off hire units from the FMG railway construction stored awaiting their fate. All Comeng WA ALCo rebuilds, DR 8404 'Vera' serial WA135 / C6040-01 and DR 8402 'Margaret' serial WA135 / C6011-02 are both C636R models, while the obscured unit is DR 8401 'Jean' serial WA143-1 also an C636R model.
090814 2059r410 viewsWoodstock, having only been delivered the month before new BHP Billiton 4348 an Electro-Motive built EMD SD70ACe model locomotive with serial 20088019-002, from the fifth order for nine units, is under commissioning as a remote unit on a 330 waggon train. The unit has since been named 'Hematite'. 14th August 2009.
090814 2068r375 viewsWoodstock, BHP Billiton SD70ACe locomotive 4327 was built by Electro-Motive as an EMD model SD70ACe for the BNSF railroad in the USA with serial 20066862-056 but was sold to BHP while under construction as one of ten similar units to be diverted to BHP in an all over BNSF base orange earning them the nickname of 'pumpkins' after the BNSF livery. They were standard US domestic units and required substantial modifications to be afforded lead unit status for BHP. Here we some a couple of the modifications like the snow plough and the middle handrail and the windscreen protector is just visible. 14th August 2009.
090814 2080r627 viewsWoodstock, FMG's General Electric built Dash 9-44CW locomotives 011 serial 58188 and 010 serial 58187 power an empty train over the flyover located on the BHP lines at Woodstock Siding on their way to the mine at Cloud Break. 14th August 2009.
090814 2084r633 viewsHunter Siding, FMG's General Electric Dash 9-44CW locomotives 002 serial 58179 and 012 serial 58189 leading 240 loaded waggons hold the mainline waiting to cross an empty train. 14th August 2009.
090814 2097r622 viewsHunter Siding, FMG trial waggons built by CNR QRRS in China and one tonne lighter than the existing fleet. 3001 is the slave waggon with the rotary coupling and stencilled as 21.7 tonnes, 4002 is the control waggon and should be 21.9 tonnes. FMG now has a large fleet of these waggons built by CNR QRRS or Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co. Ltd of China Northern, with the tare weights now at 22.6 tonnes. 14th August 2009.
090814 2105r682 viewsHunter Siding, instrumented ore waggon pair 1685 'control' and 2686 'slave' from the original order built by CSR at their Zhuzhou Rolling Stock Works in China. 14th August 2009.
090814 2109r611 viewsHunter Siding, the empty train takes the passing track under the power of two FMG General Electric built Dash 9-44CW units 011 serial 58188 and 010 serial 58187, while another pair of identical units 002 serial 58179 and 012 serial 58189 hold the mainline and will wait for a new PA to continue towards the port. The dust between the two trains is from the BHP access road. 14th August 2009.
090814 2138r880 viewsWoodstock, FMG General Electric built Dash 9-44CW locomotives 002 serial 58179 and 012 serial 58189 power their loaded train through the cutting at the 145 km area near the Marble Bar Rd grade crossing. 14th August 2009.
090912 2249r789 viewsBoodarie, at the 5 km curve between the Great Northern Highway and the car dumper balloon FMG General Electric built Dash 9-44CW light engines 009 serial 58186 and class leader 001 serial 58178 return to the port under Proceed Authority 56 following refuelling at Rowley Yard. 12th September 2009.
090912 2277r834 viewsBoodarie, at the entrance to the Herb Elliot port car dumper balloon loop the final unit of FMG's 15 General Electric built Dash 9-44CW locos 015 serial 58192 with compressor set 9003-9004 shunts from the loaded waggon line to the empty waggon line at the 4.2 km under Proceed Authority 57 to make way for the incoming loaded train. 12th September 2009.
090912 2289r1278 viewsIndee, at the 48.5 km grade crossing for Indee Road, FMG General Electric built Dash 9-44CW units 003 serial 58180 and 004 serial 58181 power another loaded train from the Cloud Break mine under Proceed Authority 54 in the last rays of sunlight on the 12th September 2009.
090915 2474r150 viewsDurack Siding location on the FMG line at the 98 km, looking south, this was a single ended spur. 15th of September 2009. Geodata location here.
090915 2477r179 viewsForrest Siding, north end looking south on the FMG line at the 125.75 km. This siding was orginally 3 km long before having the north end becoming duplicated back to Durack and the south end extended 3 km. 15th of September 2009. Geodata location data.
090915 2481r178 viewsForrest Siding, south end looking south on the FMG line at the 128.96 km. This siding was orginally 3 km long, the south end here was extended a further 3 km towards the flyover bridge over BHP. 15th of September 2009. Geodata location data.
091001 2490r498 viewsGoldsworthy Junction on the Avoidance Road is BHP Billiton Electro-Motive built EMD model SD70ACe/LC locomotive 4339 with serial 20078915-006 from the fourth order of thirteen units as it leads an empty rake towards Bing with the second unit being an as yet unmodified SD70ACe Pumpkin locomotive 4329. 4339 was later on named Finucane and 4329 named Pilbara. 1st October 2009.
091002 2602r443 viewsPort Hedland, at the 11.8 km on the big curve trailing BHP Billiton locomotive 4311 Poonda from the original order for thirteen SD70ACe/LC model EMD units from Electro-Motive and built in London, Ontario in August 2005 with serial 20038540-012 assists in powering an empty 330 waggon train south to the mines, these units were delivered with the round middle rail on the handrail and a standard cab which resulted in all subsequent orders having the isolated or Whisper cab fitted. 4311 and its twelve stablemates were traded back to Progress Rail and sent to the USA in January 2015. 2nd October 2009.
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