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071101 1129r83 viewsRedbank Bridge Port Hedland, Kingston Transport's Mack brings FMG's General Electric built C44-9W loco 010 over the Redbank Bridge after stopping on the north side to remove the tarpaulin which had come loose. This was the only unit delivered minus the tarp. Thursday 1st November 2007.
050624 320282 viewsPippingarra West Ck bridge, 23 km on the GML sees BHP Billiton Goninan GE rebuilt model CM40-8M unit 5636 'Munda' serial 8151-11/91-122 leads the Sundowner on its way to Goldsworthy 24th June 2005.
140603 0697r82 viewsHere's the Troopy at the panel shop with a complete new LHS panel. June 2014.
040810 134944r81 viewsGarden Siding, BHP GE AC6000 6074 'Kalgan' serial 51066 leading EMD SD40R 3088 serial 31513 originally Southern Pacific SD40 SP 8432 with a loaded train is in full dynamic with air brake applied to keeps the train under control down the 1 in 40 grade between Shaw and Garden here at the Garden South arrival signal 10th August 2004.
040811 161750r81 viewsGoldsworthy Junction, BHP GE AC6000 6075 'Newman' serial 51067 is in mid-train controlling remote service on a loaded train with the windscreen protecting blinds up and leading EMD SD40R unit 3090 serial 33680 originally Southern Pacific SD40 SP 8488 11th August 2004.
080202 1918r81 viewsIndee, at the 44 km post on the FMG railway a loaded ballast train heads south round the curve and into a summer rain squall. 2nd February 2008.
080525 2416r81 viewsBoodarie, as the sun glints off FMG's General Electric built C44-9W combo of 009 serial 58156, 008 serial 58155 and 005 serial 58182 units power around the balloon loop and towards the 4 km to stable and wait for the dumper to unload their rake. 25th May 2008.
040811 173538r79 viewsGoldsworthy Junction BHP GE AC6000 6077 'Nimingarra' serial 51069 and EMD SD40-2 3085 serial 786170-25 formally Union Pacific UP 3523 are in charge of an empty train at signal TR13 (transfer road switch, Goldsworthy Junction) mid-train units can just be seen in frame 11th August 2004.
040810 171258r77 viewsAt the 76km grade crossing BHP Billiton GE AC6000 6076 'Mt Goldsworthy' serial 51068 leads an all bubble paint quin consist on the main with EMD SD40R 3091 serial 31496 originally Southern Pacific SD40 SP 8415 and mid'train units CM40-8M 5636 leading newly delivered SD40R units 3095 and 3096. This crossing has been moved since Tabba Siding was built in this location. 10th August 2004.
050624 322077 viewsAllan Siding, 40.2km on the GML sees BHP Billiton Goninan GE rebuilt model CM40-8M unit 5636 'Munda' serial 8151-11/91-122 leads the Sundowner on its way to Goldsworthy past a 25km/h speed restriction 24th June 2005.
060710 6265r77 viewsBoodarie, BHP Billiton's Electro-Motive built SD70ACe/LC locomotive 4304 'Gillam' serial 20038540-005, these original fourteen units, 4301-4313 had the non-isolated cab and were later traded back to Progress Rail for new units. 10th July 2006.
080202 1810r77 viewsPort Hedland wharf, CFCLA ballast waggon CHQY 708B is unloaded off the vessel Kimberley Rose for road transporting to Cloud Break mine for use with TL 154 and a small ballast rake. 2nd February 2008.
051023 6134r76 viewsNelson Point, BHP Billiton's Electro-Motive built SD70ACe/LC builders 'plate' for 4301 serial 20038540-002, it is actually a decal. On delivery day 23rd October 2005.
080525 2325r76 viewsBoodarie, Great Northern Highway grade crossing sees FMG General Electric built C44-9W locomotive 010 serial 58187 leading sisters 012 serial 58189 and 003 serial 58180 with an empty train heading for Cloud Break mine. The very top of the failed BHP Billiton HBI plant can be seen over the fourth and fifth ore waggons. 25th May 2008.
140317 0564r76 viewsHere's the Troopy at home showing the extensive damage that a little tree out Wittenoom way did, March 2014.
040811 161635r75 viewsGoldsworthy Junction, BHP GE AC6000 class leader 6070 'Port Hedland' serial 51062 runs through the junction leading EMD model SD40R unit 3089 serial 31512 formally Southern Pacific SD40 SP 8431 with a loaded Yandi train 11th August 2004.
060417 352875 viewsNelson Point Yard, still relatively new Electro-Motive built SD70ACe/LC unit 4305 serial 20038540-006 'Coonarie' under lights awaits it next job on the evening 17th April 2006.
080621 2783r75 viewsTabba Siding at the 83.4km crossing, the final member of the original BHP Billiton order for thirteen Electro-Motive built SD70ACe/LC units 4313 serial 20038540-014 leads CM80-8M 5653 with a loaded 330 waggon train from Yandi 2 mine. Other locos in the consist are two set of mid train units consisting of CM40-8M-SD40R-SD40R and CM40-8-SD40R-SD40R. 21st June 2008.
060301 3088r75 viewsNelson Point yard sees BHP Billiton Electro-Motive built SD70ACe/LC units 4302 serial 20038540-003 and 4308 serial 20038540-009 awaiting their next call to duty on Wednesday night 1st March 2006.
080120 1593r75 viewsIndee Road grade crossing, the afternoon ballast train makes its' way south to the drop site having just crossed Indee Rd, 48.3 km. Comeng WA ALCo rebuild C636R loco DR 8404 'Vera' serial WA135-C-6040-01 id on the rear, with DR 8403 on the lead. 20th January 2008.
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