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050625 3784171 viewsAllan Siding, at the 51 km just east of Node 3 on the GML sees BHP Goninan GE rebuilt model CM40-8M unit 5648 'Kwangyang Bay' serial 8412-06 / 93-139 long end leading the Sundowner waiting for an empty train to pull in clear into the siding on its way back to Hedland 25th June 2005.44444
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050625 3779161 viewsDe Grey at the 54 km on the GML sees BHP Goninan GE rebuilt model CM40-8M unit 5648 'Kwangyang Bay' serial 8412-06 / 93-139 long end leading the Sundowner on its way back to Hedland 25th June 2005.44444
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050624 3371196 viewsGoldsworthy Siding 110.8 km on the GML sees BHP Billiton Goninan GE rebuilt model CM40-8M unit 5636 'Munda' serial 8151-11 / 91-122 leading long end on a loaded Yarrie ore train assisting CM40-8 5646 past the Sundowner set up for the Black Rock Stakes 24th June 2005.44444
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5499563 viewsNelson Point, Mt Newman Mining Comeng NSW built ALCo M636 model locomotive 5499 serial C6096-4 is the last active ALCo on the roster of BHP 22nd April 2000.44444
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240-1353 viewsWickham, town entry statement with former Robe River Iron Associates Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) built ALCo model RSC3 serial 77737 of 1951, originally owned by New South Wales Railways as their 40 class 4006, to Robe River in 1971 as 261.001, then 1700 and finally 9401. View on the rail plinth at the entry into town. July 2002.44444
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060414 3465r281 viewsNelson Point, BHP Billiton yard pilot locos EMD SD40 3080 serial 33674 frame 7083-4 originally Southern Pacific SD40 SP 8482 and only 3000 hp shares the yard with GE AC6000 6076 'Mt Goldsworthy' serial 51068 and at 6000 hp is double 3080's size, between shunts 15th April 2006.44444
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040809 162852r217 viewsNelson Point, BHP GE AC6000 6075 'Newman' serial 51067 and EMD SD40R 3090 serial 33680 originally Southern Pacific SD40 SP 8488 depart the yard with the 1630 hrs departure on 9th August 2004. The mid-train units 5660 and 5656 can be just seen in picture.44444
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5835 001 Welshpool 1987July480 viewsWelshpool, Goninan rebuilt GE C36-7M unit 5509 'Chichester' serial 4839-05 / 87-074 rebuilt using Mt Newman Mining AE Goodwin ALCo C636 5452 serial G6012-1, on a Bell road float in July 1987.
Jim Bisdee photo.
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130704 039329 viewsKyancutta, south bound loaded grain train has stopped here to collect a loaded rack of grain waggons, seen here running out of the 'new grain siding' added in 1970 behind EMD 1204 and twin ALCo 830 units 873 and 851. 4th July 2013.44444
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140517-4427111 viewsA Tutt Bryant rope operated Pacific A.C.E. Equipment Wheel Loader, Fordson powered?? The front end loader which lifts the bucket over the cab to feed the trammel, or dump into a truck, see an historical picture of this unit here at the Battye Library and an image of a similar unit on the manufacturer's website44444
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190-07114 viewsCootamundra, NSW Main South, still looking north, another mechanical lower quadrant semaphore signal gantry.44444
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190-01130 viewsCootamundra, NSW Main South, looking south from the pedestrian footbridge, past loco depot, turntable visible with sanding tower.44444
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120-0267 viewsSeymour station platform, V/Line broad gauge Bulldog B class B 75 Clyde Engineering EMD model ML2 serial ML2-16 still in original Vic Rail VR livery, right hand cab side shot, No.2 end.44444
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151231 9740r343 viewsGreat Northern Highway 18.2 km grade crossing, Roy Hill's General Electric built ES44ACi loco RHA 1016 serial 63827 being delivered by ALE as it crosses the Roy Hill railways grade crossing. 31st December 2015. View map here.44444
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170727 9632r359 viewsRoy Hill ballast waggon, BA class BA 1404, one of ten built by China Southern Rail in Zhuzhou China, seen here on the BHP line flyover. 27th July 2017. View map here.33333
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060113 244541 viewsThevenard, Clyde Engineering built EMD model JL22C, originally the NJ class now 1600 class, 1604 serial 71-731 was originally Australian National NJ 4, current owners logo and original builders plate. 13th January 2006.33333
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141025 58181216 viewsWedgefield, WA, view from the new bypass road looking into the rear of Sell and Parker's metal recycling yard with former BHP Billiton Iron Ore EMD SD40, SD40R and GE AC6000 model units lined up awaiting their fate, from left, EMD SD40 3080, SD40R 3097, SD40 3078, SD40R 3088, 3086, 3094, AC6000 6075, SD40R 3091, AC6000 6073 and remains of another SD40R.33333
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040807 025404r249 viewsNelson Point, BHP's South Yard Locomotive Prep Shed holds GE AC6000 units 6073 'Fortescue' serial 51065 and 6075 'Newman' serial 51067 with Goninan rebuild CM40-8M unit 5648 'Kwangyang Bay' serial 8412-06/93-139 on the night shift, 7th August 2004. This facility has since been demolished.22222
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160526 524410 viewsWest Kalgoorlie, 4PM6 intermodal train, RRGY 7119 platform 2 of 5-pack articulated skel waggon, one of fifty originally built by AN Rail Islington Workshops in 1996-97 as class RRBY, later rebuilt with 48' intermediate decks and coded RRGY, 48' deck with a stack of five Linfox 40' FCCU class flatracks.22222
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223-3675 viewsPossum Siding 227 km, a loaded train behind a pair of Hamersley Iron General Electric built C44-9W units 7072 serial 47751 and 7074 serial 47753 on a loaded train ex Marandoo holds the mainline awaiting clearance north. 21st October 2000.22222
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