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Dash 8 AC6000 SD40 SD70ACe Rolling Stock

BHP currently operate a motive power fleet in the Pilbara with 182 locomotives based on the EMD / Progress Rail SD70ACe design with both standard and /LC 'low clearance' and later /Lci 'low clearance international' models.

Some of the units in the SD70ACe fleet differ from the standard US model and are designated 'LC' or 'LCi' being Low Clearance international. They also have dual marker or classification lights each end, lit rear number boards, an engine fire suppression system, dual horizontal hand rails, later units with kick plates and a snow (or cow) plough each end.
The first order of thirteen units had the standard US cab assembly, with all following orders having the isolated or 'whisper' cab to reduce the noise levels in the cab. These original thirteen units (4301-4313) have since been returned to Progress Rail as trade-ins on updated 'isolated cab' units, the spare parts source #4300 was subsequently scrapped after most useable items were removed.
Ten units are standard 'off the self' US models that were part of an order for BNSF, and are in an all over orange livery (4324-4333). These ten units were subsequently modified by BHP and EDi to lead unit status.

Previously the fleet consisted of forty CM40-8M and CM40-8 or Dash-8 locomotives of which were originally spread across three variants:

  • Four new build CM39-8 (later upgraded to CM40-8);
  • Two new build CM40-8 units, all of which were built in Western Australia by Goninan;
  • And the CM40-8M which are the rebuilt M363 and C636 ALCo units.

Eight General Electric AC6000 locomotives, 6070 to 6077 with a 6000 horsepower 7HDL-16A prime mover being the largest locomotives in Australia at the time.
These units operated from 1999 until the class leader 6070 was written off following derailment damage on the 29th May 2011, with the other seven units being stored in 2013.
The eight AC6000 units differ greatly from the US version of the AC6000CW, having an extended and lowered radiator with tapered cab sides on a 76 foot frame. These units saw the retirement on the C36-7M locomotives.

An acute power shortage in 2003 lead to the arrival of fifteen EMD SD40R and five EMD SD40-2 locomotives with an SD40T-2 as a spare parts donor. These units had a diverse history prior to arriving in Australia with twelve of the units being overhauled in Mexico by GETS and being painted in BHP Billiton bubble livery, the five former Union Pacific SD40-2 units remained in an undercoat colour and the three non-rebuilt SD40 units in the last owners IC & E blue and yellow livery.
All of these units have also all been subsequently scrapped.

Before the AC6000 and SD40 units graced the roster BHP Billiton was still operating eight C36-7M ALCo to GE rebuilds. These units were the first in the world where an ALCo C636 had been rebuilt into a GE C36-7 model. They also received a completly new 'Pilbara' cab (M designation) and were rebuilt by Goninan at their Welshpool factory in Perth, Western Australia. They were all delivered in Mount Newman Mining orange and white with the black swan emblem.

Quick table links to models: SD70ACe/LC | F7A EMDs | C636 ALCos | M636 ALCos | Dash 7 GEs | Dash 8 GEs | AC6000 GEs | SD40 EMDs

Electro-Motive SD70ACe/LC, Lci and SD70ACe units In Service
Serial NumberName - Notes - Original NoLiveryBuilderOrderYear
SD70ACe/LC431420058712-001JalkupurtaBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Aug-06
SD70ACe/LC431520058712-002MijarrpaBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Oct-06
SD70ACe/LC431620058712-003YandiBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Nov-06
SD70ACe/LC431720058712-004SpinifexBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Nov-06
SD70ACe/LC431820058712-005PatharraBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Nov-06
SD70ACe/LC431920058712-006JarturtuBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Nov-06
SD70ACe/LC432020058712-007MaverickBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Nov-06
SD70ACe/LC432120058712-008Pantarangu - collision damage Mar-2022BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Nov-06
SD70ACe/LC432220058712-009TabbaBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Nov-06
SD70ACe/LC432320058712-010CourageBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario712Nov-06
SD70ACe432420066862-037Tjilla - BNSF 9166BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario862Mar-08
SD70ACe432520066862-038Jimblebar - BNSF 9167BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario862Mar-08
SD70ACe432620066862-055Spring - BNSF 9184BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario862Mar-08
SD70ACe432720066862-056Hamersley - BNSF 9185BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario8622008
SD70ACe432820066862-057Wikirrpa - BNSF 9186BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario8622008
SD70ACe432920066862-058Pilbara - BNSF 9187BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario8622008
SD70ACe433020066862-059Giles - BNSF 9188BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario8622008
SD70ACe433120066862-060Withnell - BNSF 9189BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario8622008
SD70ACe433220066862-061Integrity - BNSF 9190BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario8622008
SD70ACe433320066862-062Karlkula - BNSF 9191BNSF OrangeElectro-Motive, London Ontario8622008
SD70ACe/LC433420078915-001WheelaraBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC433520078915-002MysteryBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC433620078915-003RedmontBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC433720078915-004Osuma MaruBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC433820078915-005PepperBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC433920078915-006FinucaneBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC434020078915-007WoodstockBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC434120078915-008OrovilleBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC434220078915-009MarrilanaBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC434320078915-010HilditchBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC434420078915-011TenacityBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC434520078915-012BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe/LC434620078915-013Southern CrossBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario9152008
SD70ACe434720088019-001EnduranceBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe434820088019-002HematiteBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe434920088019-003KakulaBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe435020088019-004RubyBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe435120088019-005Broken HillBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe435220088019-006LightningBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe435320088019-007WarmanBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe435420088019-008ANZACBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe435520088019-009BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario0192009
SD70ACe435620098203-001BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe435720098203-002BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe435820098203-003BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe435920098203-004BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436020098203-005BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436120098203-006BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436220098203-007BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436320098203-008BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436420098203-009BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436520098203-010BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436620098203-011BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436720098203-012BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436820098203-013BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe436920098203-014BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe437020098203-015BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe437120098203-016BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe437220098203-017BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe437320098203-018BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario2032010
SD70ACe437420108424-001Ian PageBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe437520108424-002BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe437620108424-003BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe437720108424-004BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe437820108424-005BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe437920108424-006BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438020108424-007Geoffrey LeesBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438120108424-008BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438220108424-009BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438320108424-010BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438420108424-011BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438520108424-012BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438620108424-013BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438720108424-014BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438820108424-015BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe438920108424-016BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe439020108424-017BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA4242012
SD70ACe/LCi439120118575-001BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi439220118575-002BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi439320118575-003BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi439420118575-004BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi439520118575-005BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi439620118575-006BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi439720118575-007BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi439820118575-008BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi439920118575-009BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi440020118575-010BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi440120118575-011BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi440220118575-012BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA5752013
SD70ACe/LCi440320118685-001Desert PeaBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi440420118685-002BarramundiBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi440520118685-003DustyBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi440620118685-004Western BrownBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi440720118685-005IronmanBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi440820118685-006Red DogBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi440920118685-007Bungarra ExpressBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi441020118685-008Pilbara Princess plates since removedBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi441120118685-009Desert RoseBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi441220118685-010BilybaraBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi441320118685-011BarramineBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi441420118685-012BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8652013
SD70ACe/LCi441520128809-001BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi441620128809-002BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi441720128809-003Paul GroenheideBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi441820128809-004BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi441920128809-005BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442020128809-006BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442120128809-007BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442220128809-008BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442320128809-009CourageBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442420128809-010BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442520128809-011BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442620128809-012BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442720128809-013BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442820128809-014Mansoor BiltonBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi442920128809-015BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi443020128809-016BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi443120128809-017BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8092013
SD70ACe/LCi443220128866-001WarluBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi443320128866-002AchieverBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi443420128866-003KoombanaBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi443520128866-004BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi443620128866-005Mulla MullaBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi443720128866-006BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi443820128866-007Rail RunnerBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi443920128866-008RenegadeBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444020128866-009Majestic Ore Turner derailment - wreckBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444120128866-010Red DawnBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444220128866-011ThorBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444320128866-012AmbitionBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444420128866-013Bruce TateBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444520128866-014AuskiBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444620128866-015Red Iron RamblerBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444720128866-016ResoluteBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444820128866-017Epic AceBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi444920128866-018AchillesBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA8662013
SD70ACe/LCi445020138907-001Grant SycamoreBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445120138907-002BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445220138907-003BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445320138907-004BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445420138907-005BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445520138907-006BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445620138907-007Jim ForanBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445720138907-008Paul AttwoodBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445820138907-009Carol NickletteBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi445920138907-010Ray HughesBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446020138907-011Sam ArifBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446120138907-012Bruce MartinBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446220138907-013Ken SmithersBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446320138907-014Adim CobberBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446420138907-015Celebrating 50 Years - 1969 to 2019BubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446520138907-016Wayne PodmoreBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446620138907-017Brian DerschowBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446720138907-018Richard FrancisBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA9072014
SD70ACe/LCi446820148001-001Sydney CrossBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi446920148001-002Selamat AyatBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447020148001-003Dennis RobeckBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447120148001-004Earl RobertsBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447220148001-005Richard Francis - Turner derailment - wreckBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447320148001-006Howie EvansBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447420148001-007Raymond WhiteBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447520148001-008Mick Le FlohicBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447620148001-009Deryck BourneBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447720148001-010Mick BakerBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447820148001-011Ivan ButsonBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi447920148001-012Jim HuntBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448020148001-013Mile NikolovskiBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448120148001-014Jeri HajisBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448220148001-015Peter McShaneBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448320148001-016Alex SulicBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448420148001-017Clayto NordmannBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448520148001-018Krste ApoleskiBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448620148001-019Jenny ParkinsonBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448720148001-020Paul HarrisBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0012015
SD70ACe/LCi448820158085-001David BlackburnBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0852015
SD70ACe/LCi448920158085-002Tom ForrestBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0852015
SD70ACe/LCi449020158085-003Murray LynchBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0852015
SD70ACe/LCi449120158085-004Ross BosworthBubbleProgress Rail, Muncie USA0852015
SD70ACe-Lci449220198860-001BHP OrangeProgress Rail, Muncie USA860May-20
SD70ACe-Lci449320198860-002BHP OrangeProgress Rail, Muncie USA860May-20
SD70ACe-Lci449420198860-003BHP OrangeProgress Rail, Muncie USA860May-20
SD70ACe-Lci449520198860-004BHP OrangeProgress Rail, Muncie USA860May-20
SD70ACe-Lci449620198860-005BHP OrangeProgress Rail, Muncie USA860May-20
SD70ACe-Lci449720198860-006BHP OrangeProgress Rail, Muncie USA860May-20
Electro-Motive SD70ACe/LC variants traded to Progress Rail USA and on-sold
Serial NumberName / NotesLiveryBuilderOrderYear BuiltOriginal
SD70ACe/LC430020038540-001Scrapped, Port Hedland, 01/2016 S+PBubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05
SD70ACe/LC430120038540-002Montana Rail Link MRL 4318BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Bing
SD70ACe/LC430220038540-003Montana Rail Link MRL 4316BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Mooka
SD70ACe/LC430320038540-004Chemin de fer Arnaud CFAQ 1001BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Walla
SD70ACe/LC430420038540-005Quebec, North Shore and Labrador QNSL 527BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Gillam
SD70ACe/LC430520038540-006Quebec, North Shore and Labrador QNSL 526BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Coonarie
SD70ACe/LC430620038540-007Chemin de fer Arnaud CFAQ 1002BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Garden
SD70ACe/LC430720038540-008Chemin de fer Arnaud CFAQ 1003BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Shaw
SD70ACe/LC430820038540-009Montana Rail Link MRL 4317BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Cowra
SD70ACe/LC430920038540-010Montana Rail Link MRL 4319BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Gidgi
SD70ACe/LC431020038540-011Quebec, North Shore and Labrador QNSL 525BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Weeli
SD70ACe/LC431120038540-012Quebec, North Shore and Labrador QNSL 524BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Poonda
SD70ACe/LC431220038540-013Quebec, North Shore and Labrador QNSL 528BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Mindy
SD70ACe/LC431320038540-014Chemin de fer Arnaud CFAQ 1004BubbleElectro-Motive, London Ontario540Aug-05Kurrajura
Goninan CM39-8 units - delivered in Mt Newman orange livery
Builders No / Serial NoName / NotesLiveryBuilderYear Built
CM39-856305831-09 / 88-079Zeus - Stored 4,940,000 kmBubbleGoninan WASept-88
CM39-856315831-10 / 88-080Apollo - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBubbleGoninan WAOct-88
CM39-856325831-11 / 88-081Poseidon - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBubbleGoninan WANov-88
CM39-856335831-12 / 88-082Hephaestus - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBubbleGoninan WADec-88
Goninan CM40-8 and CM40-8M ALCo rebuild units - delivered in BHP blue and white livery
Builders No / Serial NoName / NotesLiveryBuilder / RebuilderYear BuiltOriginal No.
CM40-8M56348151-07 / 91-120Boodarie - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBubbleGoninan WA rebuildJul-915457
CM40-8M56358151-09 / 91-121Pippingarra - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBubbleGoninan WA rebuildSept-915460
CM40-8M56368151-11 / 91-122Munda - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBubbleGoninan WA rebuildNov-915462
CM40-8M56378181-01 / 92-123De Grey - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBubbleGoninan WA rebuildJan-925456
CM40-8M56388281-02 / 92-127Mallina - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBubbleGoninan WA rebuildFeb-925464
CM40-8M5639 8281-03 / 92-128Corunna Downs - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBubbleGoninan WA rebuildMar-925459
CM40-8M56408281-05 / 92-129Ethel Creek - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildMay-925479
CM40-8M56418281-06 / 92-130Indee - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBubbleGoninan WA rebuildJun-925454
CM40-8M56428281-07 / 92-131Wallareenya - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBubbleGoninan WA rebuildJul-925467
CM40-8M5643 8281-08 / 92-132Mount Whaleback - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBubbleGoninan WA rebuildAug-925470
CM40-8M56448281-09 / 92-133Kangan - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBubbleGoninan WA rebuildSept-925471
CM40-8M56458281-11 / 92-134Sherlock - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildNov-925475
CM40-856468244-11 / 92-135White Springs - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WANov-92
CM40-856478244-12 / 92-136Abydos - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WADec-92
CM40-8M56488412-06 / 93-139Kwangyang Bay - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildJun-935477
CM40-8M56498412-07 / 93-140Pohang - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildJul-935473
CM40-8M56508412-07 / 93-141Yawata - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBubble - BNGoninan WA rebuildJul-935481
CM40-8M56518412-08 / 93-142Tobata - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildAug-935472
CM40-8M56528412-09 / 93-143Villanueva - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildSept-935482
CM40-8M56538412-10 / 93-144Chiba - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildOct-935484
CM40-8M56548412-11 / 93-145Kashima - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildNov-935493
CM40-8M56558412-12 / 93-146Wakayama - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBubbleGoninan WA rebuildDec-935474
CM40-8M56568412-01 / 94-147Keihin - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildJan-945494
CM40-8M56578412-02 / 94-148Fukuyama - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildFeb-945492
CM40-8M56588412-03 / 94-149Kakogawa - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildMar-945480
CM40-8M56598412-04 / 94-150Kobe - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildApr-945483
CM40-8M56608412-05 / 94-151Kure - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildMay-945478
CM40-8M56618412-06 / 94-152Funamachi - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildJun-945488
CM40-8M56628412-07 / 94-153Port Kembla - Gidgi Siding 21/07/2015BHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildJul-945490
CM40-8ML56638412-08 / 94-154Newcastle - Scrapped 05/2015 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildAug-945476
CM40-8ML56648412-09 / 94-155Kaohsiung - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildSept-945469
CM40-8ML56658412-10 / 94-156Rotterdam - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildOct-945491
CM40-8MEFI56668412-11 / 94-157Taranto - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildNov-945487
CM40-8MEFI56678412-12 / 94-158Redcar - Scrapped 01/2016 S+PBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildDec-945485
CM40-8MEFI56688412-01 / 95-159Dunkirk - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildJan-955489
CM40-8MEFI56698412-02 / 95-160Beilun - Scrapped 01/2016 SimsBHP BlueGoninan WA rebuildFeb-955486
General Electric AC6000
Name / NotesLiveryBuilderOrderYear Built
AC6000607051062Port Hedland - Derailment scrapped 05/11BubbleGeneral Electric, Erie USA1886Jan-99
AC6000607151063Chichester - Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBHP BlueGeneral Electric, Erie USA1886Jan-99
AC6000607251064Hesta - Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBHP BlueGeneral Electric, Erie USA1886Jan-99
AC6000607351065Fortescue - Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleGeneral Electric, Erie USA1886Jan-99
AC6000607451066Kalgan - Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBHP BlueGeneral Electric, Erie USA1886Jan-99
AC6000607551067Newman - Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleGeneral Electric, Erie USA1886Jan-99
AC60006076 51068Mt Goldsworthy - Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleGeneral Electric, Erie USA1886Feb-99
AC6000607751069Nimingarra - Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBHP BlueGeneral Electric, Erie USA1886Feb-99
Electro Motive Division SD40 variants
Builder No /
Frame No
Name / NotesLiveryBuilderOrderYear BuiltOriginal No.
SD403078 31503 / 7861-13Scrapped 10/2014 S+PIC & E Blue / YellowEMD McCook, Illinois7861Feb-66SP 8422
SD403079 31542 / 7861-52Scrapped 10/2014 S+PIC & E Blue / YellowEMD McCook, Illinois7861Mar-66SP 8461
SD403080 33674 / 7083-4Scrapped 10/2014 S+PIC & E Blue / YellowEMD McCook, Illinois7083May-68SP 8482
SD40-23081786170-75Scrapped 06-07/2013 SimsUndercoatEMD McCook, Illinois786170Mar-79UP 3573
SD40-23082786263-31Scrapped 06-07/2013 SimsUndercoatEMD McCook, Illinois786263Nov-79UP 3639
SD40-23083786170-2Scrapped 06-07/2013 SimsUndercoatEMD McCook, Illinois786170Jan-79UP 3500
SD40-23084786263-35Scrapped 06-07/2013 SimsUndercoatEMD McCook, Illinois786263Nov-79UP 3643
SD40-23085786170-25Scrapped 06-07/2013 SimsUndercoatEMD McCook, Illinois786170Feb-79UP 3523
SD40-R308631491 / 7861-1Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7861Feb-66SP 8410
SD40-R308731519 / 7861-29Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7861Mar-66SP 8438
SD40-R308831513 / 7861-23Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7861Mar-66SP 8432
SD40-R308931512 / 7861-22Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7861Mar-66 SP 8431
SD40-R3090 33680 / 7083-10Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7083Jun-68 SP 8488
SD40-R3091 31496 / 7861-6Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7861Feb-66SP 8415
SD40-R309231498 / 7861-8 Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7861Feb-66SP 8417
SD40-R309333679 / 7083-9Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7083June-68SP 8487
SD40-R309431515 / 7861-25Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7861Apr-66SP 8434
SD40-R309533677 / 7083-7Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7083May-68SP 8485
SD40-R309631510 / 7861-20Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7861Jun-68SP 8429
SD40-R309731569 / 7875-10Scrapped 10/2014 S+PBubbleEMD McCook, Illinois7875Apr-66SP 8409
SD40T-28335 786175-9Spare parts sourceSPEMD McCook, Illinois786175Apr-79SP 8335
Goninan C36-7M ALCo C636 to GE rebuild units - delivered in Mt Newman orange livery
Builders Number /
Serial Number
Name / NotesLiveryRebuilderYear BuiltOriginal No.
C36-7M55064839-01 / 87-071Mt Whaleback - Ethel Creek - Mt Goldsworthy ScrappedBHP BlueGoninan WAJan-875455
C36-7M55074839-03 / 87-072Ethel Creek - Mt Whaleback - Corunna Downs -
Nimingarra To Pilbara Iron 5051
BHP BlueGoninan WAMar-875461
C36-7M55084839-04 / 87-073Fortescue - To Pilbara Iron 5052BHP BlueGoninan WAApr-875466
C36-7M55094839-05 / 87-074Chichester - To UG WA, then NSW test bedBHP BlueGoninan WAMay-875452
C36-7M55104839-07 / 87-075Newman - To AK WABHP BlueGoninan WAJul-875458
C36-7M55114839-08 / 87-076Port Hedland - ScrappedBHP BlueGoninan WAAug-875463
C36-7M55124839-01 / 88-077Hesta - ScrappedBHP BlueGoninan WAJan-885465
C36-7M55134839-02 / 88-078Kalgan - To UG WABHP BlueGoninan WAFeb-885453
AE Goodwin built ALCo Century C636 units w/ ALCo Hi-Ad bogies
Serial NoName / NotesLiveryBuilderYear Built
C6365452G6012-01Rebuilt as 5509MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWMay-68
C6365453G6012-02Rebuilt as 5513MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSW1969
C6365454G6012-03Rebuilt as 5641MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJul-68
C6365455G6012-04Rebuilt as 5506MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSW1969
C6365456G6012-05Rebuilt as 5637MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWAug-68
C6365457G6027-01Rebuilt at 5634MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJun-69
C6365458G6027-02Rebuilt as 5510MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJun-69
C6365459G6027-03Rebuilt as 5639MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWAug-69
C6365460G6035-01Rebuilt as 5635MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWDec-69
C6365461G6035-02Rebuilt as 5507MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWDec-69
C6365462G6035-03Rebuilt as 5636MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWDec-69
C6365463G6035-04Rebuilt as 5511MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWMar-70
C6365464G6035-05Rebuilt as 5638MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJul-70
C6365465G6041-01Rebuilt as 5512MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJul-70
C6365466G6041-02Rebuilt as 5508MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWAug-70
C6365467G6041-03Rebuilt as 5642MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWAug-70
C6365468G6041-04To Robe River as 9425MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWAug-70
AE Goodwin and Comeng built MLW ALCo M636C and M636 units
Serial NoName / NotesLiveryBuilderYear Built
M636C5469G6047-01ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5664MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWApr-71
M636C5470G6047-02ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5643MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWApr-71
M636C5471G6047-03ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5644MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWApr-71
M636C5472G6047-04ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5651MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWApr-71
M636C5473G6047-05ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5649MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJun-71
M636C5474G6047-06ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5655MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJun-71
M636C5475G6047-07ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5645MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJun-71
M636C5476G6047-08ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5663MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWJun-71
M636C5477G6047-09ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5648MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWOct-71
M636C5478G6047-10ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5660MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWOct-71
M636C5479G6047-11ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5640MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWOct-71
M636C5480G6061-01ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5658MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWFeb-72
M636C5481G6061-02ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5650MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWMar-72
M636C5482G6061-03ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5652MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWApr-72
M636C5483G6061-04ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5659MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWApr-72
M636C5484G6061-05ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5653MNM OrangeAE Goodwin NSWApr-72
M636C5485C6084-01ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5667MNM OrangeComeng NSWDec-73
M636C5486C6084-02ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5669MNM OrangeComeng NSWFeb-74
M636C5487C6084-03ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5666MNM OrangeComeng NSWFeb-74
M636C5488C6084-04Terra Australis bicentennial livery 1988, ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5661MNM OrangeComeng NSWMar-74
M636C5489C6084-05ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5668MNM OrangeComeng NSWSep-74
M636C5490C6084-06ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5662MNM OrangeComeng NSWSep-74
M636C5491C6084-07ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5665MNM OrangeComeng NSWOct-74
M636C5492C6084-08ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5657MNM OrangeComeng NSWOct-74
M636C5493C6084-09ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5654MNM OrangeComeng NSWOct-74
M636C5494C6084-10ALCo Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as 5656MNM OrangeComeng NSWOct-74
M6365495C6084-11Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, scrapped - cab at PRHSBHP BlueComeng NSWNov-74
M6365496C6096-01Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, scrappedMNM OrangeComeng NSWNov-75
M6365497C6096-02Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, static preserved Port HedlandMNM OrangeComeng NSWNov-75
M6365498C6096-03Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, scrappedMNM OrangeComeng NSWNov-75
M6365499C6096-04Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, preserved at RHWA BassendeanMNM OrangeComeng NSWNov-75
M6365500C6096-05Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, rebuilt as CM40-8M for Robe River as 9410MNM OrangeComeng NSWNov-75
M6365501C6096-06Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, scrappedMNM OrangeComeng NSWJul-76
M6365502C6096-07Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, preserved at PRHS DampierBHP BlueComeng NSWJul-76
M6365503C6104-01Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, scrappedMNM OrangeComeng NSWOct-77
M6365504C6104-02Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, scrappedMNM OrangeComeng NSWOct-77
M6365505C6104-03Dofasco ZWT-3 Hi-Ad bogies, scrappedMNM OrangeComeng NSWOct-77
Electro Motive Division built F7A units
Serial NoName / NotesLiveryBuilderOrderYear BuiltOriginal No.
F7A54508970ex WP - preserved PRHS DampierWP MNMEMD La Grange, Illinois3006Jan-50917A
F7A545110805ex WP - preserved Port HedlandWP MNMEMD La Grange, Illinois3040Jun-51923A
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