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150522 8162146 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, the first batch of BHP Billiton Dash 8 locos to be scrapped, 5646 serial 8244-11/92-135 one of a pair of new Goninan WA built CM40-8 units has already had most of the hood removed and the V16 7FDL prime mover is visible. To right are units 5647, 5657, 5656, 5663, 5635, 5645, 5649, 5638, 5640 and 5659.
223-26145 viewsPossum Siding, Hamersley Iron locos built by General Electric model C44-9W units 7072 serial 47751 with 210 waggons loaded ex Marandoo changes crew with sister loco 7082 serial 47761 on an empty at 1500 hrs 21st October 2000.
150523 8201144 viewsNelson Point Yard, parked beside the Locomotive Service Shop, BHP Billiton diesel fuel tank waggon 0035 with safety slogan 'Take time to work safety', total capacity of 117m3 for a nominal capacity of 113 m3 built in China by CNR - QRRS.
223-27143 viewsPossum Siding, the no 2 or B ends of a pair of Hamersley Iron General Electric built C44-9W locomotives 7072 and 7074. 1500 hrs 21st October 2000.
223-29143 viewsPossum Siding, rear view of Hamersley Iron loco 7072 a General Electric built C44-9W model serial 47751 leads sister unit 7074 with a loaded train as they effect a crew change. 21st October 2000.
223-23140 viewsPossum Siding, Hamersley Iron loco 7082 a General Electric built C44-9W serial 47761 leads sister unit 7080 with an empty train as they power up to pull forward inside the loop to effect a crew change. 21st October 2000.
150522 8186140 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, the first of BHP Billiton Dash 8 locos to be scrapped, CM40-8 5646 serial 8244-11/92-135 one of a pair of new Goninan WA built CM40-8 units has already had most of the hood removed and the V16 7FDL prime mover is visible, sister unit 5647 sits along side with the same fate coming up next. Full details of these units past lives can be seen here .
150523 8280140 viewsFinucane Island, loaded with Yandi Fines Comeng built original style ore waggon number 1483 dates from from 1974. It has had the end sills filled in as a capacity improvement and show signs of having been resheeted and repaired, it is also riding on light weight 38 tonne bogies. Geodate: -20.3363567 118.5497550 .
160128 00413A140 viewsView of the stripped out cab - drivers console of Goninan built CM39-8 unit 5631, serail no. 5831-10, builders no. 88-080.
207-16139 viewsBHP General Electric built AC6000 unit 6074 serial 51066, brand new and unnamed at Yandi One load-out tunnel as a remote mid-train unit.
150522 8194138 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, Goninan WA rebuild CM40-8M units lined up awaiting the chop, 5659, 5640, 5638, 5649, 5645, 5635, 5663, 5656, 5657, 5647 with 5646 out of view.
160128 00400138 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, traction motors from CM39-8 unit 5632, more than likely GE 752AF units.
207-19137 viewsBHP General Electric built AC6000 unit 6071 serial 51063 brand new and unnamed on the loaded side of Yandi One load-out loop as a remote mid-train unit, showing roof view and the original style windscreen protectors.
050109 093234136 viewsPilbara Railway Historical Society, side view of 5450 EMD model F7A serial 8970 frame 3006-A9 built 01-1950 for Western Pacific Railroad as 917-A, imported for the Mt Newman Mining Co. to construct their Port Hedland to Newman railway in December 1967.
160128 00395136 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, the remains of Goninan rebuild CM40-8ML (cabless, but cab fitted in 1996) 5664 serial 8412-09/94-155 hood and dynamic brake module.
160128 00403136 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal Yard, drivers side cab view of the ALCo Hi-Ad bogie with external secondary coil suspension of the original M636 unit 5478.
196-04132 viewsYandi Two loaded car side of the loadout balloon loop, BHP Iron Ore CM40-8M or Dash 8 motive power in the form of 5658 'Kakogawa' serial 8412-03 / 94-149 rebuilt by Goninan as GE model CM40-8M from ALCo M636 #5480 and two new Goninan built GE CM39-8 units 5630 'Zeus' serial 5831-09 / 88-079 and 5631 'Apollo' serial 5831-10 / 88-080 are the head end power with another two CM40-8M units mid-train. Train length is 240 waggons with a 120/120 split. Yandi Two ore stockpile and pedestal stacker boom tip visible in the background, the loadout operates via gravity and the train travels through a tunnel. May 1998.
196-05132 viewsYandi Two, builders plate for BHP Goninan GE rebuild CM40-8M unit 5658 'Kakogawa' serial 8412-03 / 94-149. Originally AE Goodwin built ALCo M636 unit 5480 serial G6061-1. May 1998.
240-25129 viewsWickham town entry statement, former Cliffs Robe River Iron Associates RSD-3 model ALCo locomotive built by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) in 1951 for NSWGR as the 40 class 4006 serial 77737, purchased by CRRIA in 1971 and numbered 261.001, then 1700 and finally 9401. It has been repainted into Robe colours and was donated to the local Lions' Club when retired and displayed as an entry statement to the township. View on the rail plinth and plaque at the entry into town. 31st August 2002.
180208 4372129 viewsCape Lambert Yard. Rear view of brand new GE built ES44ACi unit 9126 serial 64632 built date of October 2017 in owner's Rio Tinto stripe livery. 8th February 2018.
Roland Depth image.
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