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150505 795087 viewsFMG Solomon Line, looking west along elevated section of track, repeater tower in distance. Geodata: -22.0398833 118.6280733 .
150505 795387 viewsFMG Solomon Line, looking west with cutting to the right, 227.5 km grade crossing in the distance, track is curving away to the left in the background. Geodata: -22.0200283 118.5880600 .
150518 811987 viewsBHP Iron Ore old and retired ore stacker #4 and bucket wheel reclaimer #4 are blown apart to aid in the scrapping process.
160128 0040887 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal Yard, front view of Goninan rebuilt GE model CM40-8M 5655 serial 8412-12, builders no. 93-146 flanked on the left by older sister unit 5642 and on the right by sister 5653. Note these two newer rebuilds have marker lights while 42 has none but has a snow plough on the no. 2 end.
060414 345687 viewsNelson Point yard, empty fuel tank waggon 0015, a Comeng WA built 116 kilolitre tank waggon, one of a batch of six built in 1974-75 wearing the newer corporate 'Earth' livery of BHP Billiton Iron Ore.
150505 795186 viewsFMG Solomon Line, looking back east from the same spot as 7950. Repeater tower in distance. Geodata: -22.0398833 118.6280733 .
207-0685 viewsBHP General Electric built AC6000 unit 6074 serial 51066, brand new and unnamed at Yandi One load-out loop as a remote mid-train unit.
218-0285 viewsYandi, river access road that runs between Roy Hill Rd and Yandi Junction, sort of following the train line, Toyota Land Cruiser Toy Titan, 1994 HJ75 series trayback.
150505 793685 viewsFMG Solomon Line, looking east across valley at massive earth fill for rail line. Geodata: -22.0351433 118.7568750 .
040815 16574685 viewsNelson Point Car Dumper 2, a waggon originally built by Comeng WA in 1973-74 and numbered 1283. But note the rounded bottom edge, this shows that it is a rebuilt ore waggon with 3CR12Ti stainless steel sides, while the ends, transoms and side ribs are the originals. These waggons were originally of a plain steel construction and were painted inside to prevent rust and wear. 15th August 2004.
150522 816784 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, the first batch of BHP Billiton Dash 8 locos to be scrapped, 5646 serial 8244-11/92-135 and 5647 serial 8244-12/92-136 were a pair of new Goninan WA CM40-8 model built in 1992 with a Goninan ALCo rebuild 5657 beside them.
239-2584 viewsYandi One balloon loop sees the 1600 empty arrival with mid-train Locotrol equipped locomotive Goninan rebuild CM40-8ML cab-less unit, serial no. 8412-09/94-155 5664 'Kaohsiung' edging towards the load-out tunnel on the 17/01/1997. There was three of these units built without cab, they have all since had cabs fitted. GeoData.
196-1383 viewsYandi Two loaded car side of the loadout balloon loop, BHP Iron Ore CM40-8M or Dash 8 motive power in the form of 5658 'Kakogawa' serial 8412-03 / 94-149 rebuilt by Goninan as GE model CM40-8M from ALCo M636 #5480 and two new Goninan built GE CM39-8 units 5630 'Zeus' serial 5831-09 / 88-079 and 5631 'Apollo' serial 5831-10 / 88-080 are the head end power with another two CM40-8M units mid-train. Train length is 240 waggons with a 120/120 split. Yandi Two ore stockpile and pedestal stacker boom tip visible in the background, the loadout operates via gravity and the train travels through a tunnel. May 1998.
203-0983 viewsBing Siding, BHP General Electric built AC6000 unit 6076 'Mt Goldsworthy' serial 51068 in the passing track with a Yandi empty working. The size of the BHP AC6000 model radiator is clearly evident here.
203-1483 viewsBing Siding, a loaded BHP Iron Ore train with double Dash 8 power behind Goninan rebuilds to GE CM40-8M models 5660 'Kure' serial 8412-05 / 94-151 and sister 5643 'Mount Whaleback' serial no 8281-08 / 92-132 as they cross an empty train in the siding with an AC6000 unit.
207-0583 viewsYandi One balloon loop, Goninan built ore waggon 4146 coupled to an original style Comeng waggon on the empty side of the load-out tunnel, August 1999.
221-0983 viewsHardie Siding, with the days of CM36-7M operations numbered, Goninan rebuild 5513 serial 88-078 / 4839-02 from ALCo C636 5453 blasts away from Hardie with a loaded train bound for Finucane Island.
180117 114883 viewsGreat Northern Highway, 18 km grade crossing sees CFCLA Goninan ALCo to GE rebuild CM40-8M unit CD 4302 originally Robe River Comeng NSW built ALCo M636 serial C6103-1 #9421, rebuilt by Goninan in 1993 with serial 8297-2/93-137 then to CFCLA in 2012 powering a loaded fuel train as part of the mainline testing of these units prior to ore train service. 17th January 2018.
040815 16583283 viewsNelson Point Car Dumper 3, a new Goninan built ore waggon 4239, one of 126 such waggons constructed during 1997 out of 3CR12Ti stainless steel in an effort to eliminate painting and to reduce wear on the waggon body. Note the rounded bottom edge and tapered floor, this design was designated HC7081. 15th August 2004.
203-0582 viewsBing Siding, BHP General Electric built AC6000 unit 6076 'Mt Goldsworthy' serial 51068 in the passing track with a Yandi empty working.
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