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141027 5880887 viewsWedgefield, Sell and Parker's metal recycling yard, General Electric AC6000 units 6075 serial 51067 is nose to nose with the remains of sister unit 6071 serial 51063.55555
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190911 475731 viewsPort Hedland, Broome Rd crossing, BHP's MM 800 track recording vehicle powers south on a recording run, still wearing it's Movember 'mo' as part of a men's health campaign, the MM 800 was built by Mermec in Italy and is a ROGER 800 model, ROGER is an acronym for Rilievo Ottico Geometria Rotaia, Italian for optical rail geometry control.55555
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040815 165706304 viewsNelson Point Car Dumper 3, an original Comeng built ore waggon dating from a batch of 86 built in 1980, numbered 4080 with a build date of August 1980 which has had the walls resheeted. 15th August 2004.55555
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242-0866 viewsNelson Point, BHP Goninan GE rebuild C36-7M unit 5508 serial 4839-04 / 87-073 about to be trucked to United Goninan Perth for eventual overhaul and repainting into the Pilbara Rail livery and leased to Pilbara Rail re-numbered 5052 as a shunt unit at Dampier. May 2002.55555
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6998 00148 viewsWelshpool, Goninan workshops, a newly build frame for a Mt Newman Mining GE model CM39-8 sits upside down on shop bogies. Late 1998.
Jim Bisdee photo.
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060723 784176 viewsOriginal Hamersley Iron compressor waggon sets IC-1 and IC-3 which were made from cutting down condemned ore waggons and then fitting Atlas Copco XAS 97 air compressors, receiver tanks and fuel tanks. The compressors have been fitted to a swing cradle to limit the in-train forces during the unloading process. 7 Mile 23rd July 2006.55555
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040616 162210104 viewsNelson Point, the Sundowner coach, originally built by E. G. Budd in 1939 numbered 301 as the Silver Star as a diner-parlour-observation coach on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad's General Pershing Zephyr train from the 1930s and 1940s. Donated to Mt Newman Mining Co. by AMAX an original joint venture partner to commemorate the projects first 100 million tonnes of iron ore railed between Mount Whaleback mine and the Port Hedland port.55555
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232-37155 viewsYandi One balloon loop cab-less BHP Goninan GE rebuild CM40-8ML (L for LocoTrol) 5665 'Rotterdam' serial 8412-10 / 94-156 in the mid train consist about to enter the tunnel on the 18th February 1997. This loco was built cab-less to control remote consists and here is in use as a slave, being controlled by a unit with a cab. GeoData.55555
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232-2685 viewsYandi One balloon loop, as a train is being loaded the mid-train remotes approach, waggon 2502 is a standard Comeng WA build from the third batch of 180 waggons built in 1970. Goninan rebuild CM40-8M GE unit 5658 'Kakogawa' serial 8412-03 / 94-149 leads a LocoTrol remote unit built with no cab, a CM40-8ML 5665. GeoData.55555
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160128 00383287 viewsWedgefield, Sims Metal yard, lined up waiting biding their time, three years separate these Goninan rebuilds CM40-8M unit 5642 serial 8281-07/92-131 and final unit 5669 CM40-8MEFI model serial 8412-02/95-160. The only differences visible are the pressed metal handbrake wheel and cast one, snow plough of 42 and the marker lights on 69.55555
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150523 8280172 viewsFinucane Island, loaded with Yandi Fines Comeng built original style ore waggon number 1483 dates from 1974. It has had the end sills filled in as a capacity improvement and show signs of having been re-sheeted and repaired, it is also riding on light weight 38 tonne bogies. Geodata: -20.3363567 118.5497550 .55555
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150523 8242120 viewsNelson Point Yard, loaded ore waggon 5073, a Golynx style waggon built by Goninan, serial no. 950126-114 in 2004 with 5Cr12Ti stainless steel which does away with the need to paint the waggon interiors to prevent wear.55555
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150523 8238139 viewsNelson Point Yard, BHP Billiton SD70ACe unit leads a rake towards the dumpers. Lead unit 4327 'Hamersley' is from an order originally being built by Electro-Motive, London Ontario for BNSF, an US class 1 railroad, but BHP secured 10 of them during construction, this unit 4327 serial no. 20066862-056 was destined to be BNSF 9185 before coming to BHP.55555
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150523 8234122 viewsNelson Point Yard, I Area, waggon scrapping by Sims Metal, a fork lift carries waggon no. 3340, one of 350 waggons built in Romania of which only about 60 made it into service, the rest rusting away in a caged embargo area out on the Broome Road until they were scrapped some years ago. There is a connection with these waggons and Lang Hancock and his former mine McCamey's Monster, now known as Jimblebar. 5665 looks on, its days also numbered.55555
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150523 8233118 viewsNelson Point Yard, I Area, waggon scrapping by Sims Metal, a fork lift carries waggon no. 3340, old 38 TAL or tonne axle load bogies lay around while other cars await the chop. With the move to ECPB train brake control and heavy waggon loads these older style cars are fast becoming obsolete.55555
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150523 8231126 viewsNelson Point Yard, view across BI-LO Crossing, a throw back to days that the supermarket was in fact a BI-LO, well before the current Woolworths, and Action before that. Dash 8 units in the yard, on the 5642 with the Steel Train and 5648 with another on a rake of index waggons. The 2 km post can just be made out at the third light pole from the right.55555
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150523 8218119 viewsNelson Point Yard, BHP Billiton diesel fuel tank waggon 0021, total capacity of 117 m3 for a nominal capacity of 113 m3 built in China by CNR - QRRS.55555
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150523 8204149 viewsNelson Point Yard, BHP Billiton SD70ACe unit 4368 is on the fuel tank shunt, is a unit from the last order of eighteen SD70ACe units for BHP Billiton built at Electro-Motive in London Ontario, serial 20098203-013.55555
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150523 8201163 viewsNelson Point Yard, parked beside the Locomotive Service Shop, BHP Billiton diesel fuel tank waggon 0035 with safety slogan 'Take time to work safety', total capacity of 117 m3 for a nominal capacity of 113 m3 built in China by CNR - QRRS.55555
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150523 8200121 viewsNelson Point Yard, overview of both trains from images 8197 and 8198.55555
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