Roy Hill Road

Roy Hill will operate a very modern roster of motive power consisting of:

  • 21 General Electric ES44ACi units classifed as the RHA class. These units are rated at 3270 kilowatts or 4400 horse power. And are very much like the Rio Tinto units, but with black bogies, black underframe and tank etc and rear number boards in the radiator.
  • Class leader RHA1001 is named 'Ginny' after Gina Rinehart's daughter Ginia.
  • Unit RHA1002 is named 'Ginbata', after the Roy Hill minesite airport of the same name.
  • Eight units (RHA1007 - RHA1014) arrived 28th Jan - 1st Feb 2015 via the vessel Ocean Charger.
  • Six units (RHA1001 - RHA1006) arrived 4th - 6th Feb 2015 via the vessel Drago J.
  • Build date for the Roy Hill order just delivered is November 2014 with serial no's: 62573 (1001) to 62586 (1014).
  • A further four units (RHA1015-RHA1018) serial no's 63826 to 63829, were delivered on the 30th-31st December 2015 via the vessel BBC Houston with a build date of September 2015.
  • The final three are due in May 2016.

Currently operations consist of trains operating with one ES44ACi unit hauling 116 wagons then another ES44ACi unit mid-train with a further 116 ore cars.

Train Control is located in Perth and currently verbal train orders are issued over a digital TETRA radio network.

The yard at Port Hedland is called Tad Yard after Handcock Executive Director Tad Watroba.

With empty trains timed to depart Tad Yard to cross the opposing loaded train usually at Marubeni Loop located at the Yule River approx. 150 km south of Port Hedland.

For more information and a map of their system, click here for the Roy Hill website.

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RHA1004 RHA1004 mt train RHA1016 RHA1016 Ginny T387 T387 T387 Line up T387 T387 waggons waggon thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb

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