Comalco Siding

Comalco runs a railway between Lorim Point and Andoom on the West Coast of Cape York, in the Far North of Queensland. The town is Weipa, and the product is Bauxite, the base of Aluminium.
The length of line is 20 kilometres. Lorim Point is the car dumper (unloader) and stockpile / port end, and Andoom is the remote mine located to the north of Lorim Point. Train length is usually 20 wagons, running 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The following photo's were taken in 1995, and show:

  • R1001 Model: GT26C, build 1972, serial no. 72-752, weight 148 t, engine EMD 16-645E3, generator EMD AR10A4, traction motors EMD D77, rated power 2460 kW / 3300 HP.
  • R1003 Model: NW2, build 1943, serial no. 4114. Bought second hand in service with Comalco 1976.
  • R1004 Model: JT42C, build 1990, serial no. 90-1277, weight 132 t, engine EMD 12-710G3, generator EMD AR11-WBA-CA5, traction motors EMD D87ETR, rated power 2460 kW / 3300 HP.

R1001 has been sold and moved to Victoria and in operation there as L277 hauling grain trains after having some work done at CFCLAs Goulburn facility.
R1002 was sold to Westrail in August 1994, which reclassified it as Lw276 (Westrail 'L' class) with the 'w' signifying no dynamic brake, although it never wore the 'w'. This unit only had one control stand and was setup for No.2 end leading. It was to go on and become LZ3120 having been retrofitted with dynamic brake and reduced weight operating with ARG / QR National.
R1003 was scrapped.
R1004 having been bought off BHP Iron Ore after they purchased Goldsworthy Mining Limited and proceeded to buy new C40-8 units rather than more EMDs and was deemed not to BHPs requirements. This unit while looking like a V/Line N class is more like the AN DL class and has a 3300 hp prime-mover and was numbered GML 10 under Goldsworthy ownership, the GML 20 for a short while under BHP ownership. It again carries it's GML 10 number under ownership and operation in Victoria wearing 'QUBE' livery.

Locomotives now in use hauling bauxite from Andoom to Lorim Point are numbered R1005 and R1006 and are model JT42C, along the same lines as R1004.

For a look at Comalco operations back in the early '80s, check out David Head's Weipa Gallery.

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R1001 fuel point R1001 fuel point
R1001 x'ing Mission River R1001 leving Lorim Point
R1004 leaving Lorim Point R1004 Lorim Point Depot
R1004 crossing Mission River R1003
Ore car no. 19 Ore car no. 102 Ballast car R4003 Rail Grinder
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